Our entrance off of Mall Drive.


The Burnham Restaurant is your bridge to our community designed in the spirit of Daniel Burnham. In the heart of downtown Cleveland, we feature sustainable conscious cuisine steeped in our Mid-West traditions. Craft your own personal connection to our vibrant community with us.




In line with Hilton’s 2030 Travel with Purpose Goal to cut our environmental footprint in half, we have become an official SurfRider Foundation Ocean Friendly Restaurant by pledging to not use Styrofoam or plastic bags, only provide paper straws on request, and to follow proper recycling practices. Click here to learn more about the ways we are helping to preserve our marine ecosystems and wildlife!




Daniel Burnham conceptualized the City Beautiful Movement in America and his 1903 Group Plan envisioned Cleveland’s civic center as a grand mall surrounded by public buildings in the Beaux-Arts style to create a space both beautiful and grandiose that increased the quality of urban life. The Group Plan as built, is the most completely realized of his city planning efforts. This restaurant was named in his honor.  We invite you to visit the Burnham restaurant for artfully designed dishes, in a contemporary setting that epitomizes all the tastes of Cleveland.